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How to use smart light bulbs in your Concord home

February 19, 2024
Person adjusting a smart light through an app on their phone

Did you realize you can enhance your property’s convenience and safety in seconds by merely changing a light bulb? It really is that effortless. See how to use smart light bulbs in your Concord home and why you need to incorporate them into your security system.

What Are Smart Light Bulbs, And How Do They Work?

Smart light bulbs look about the same as standard versions and fit right into your existing fixtures. There’s no need for an electrician or any tools. The “smart” aspect refers to how they link to wireless networks. This functionality makes them accessible from your smartphone, tablet, and even your home’s security.

The wireless networking is typically made possible through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a different protocol such as Z-Wave or Zigbee. Certain kinds of smart light bulbs employ a bridge or hub joining them to other smart components and your router. This bridge is helpful as it keeps your smart light bulbs away from your principal Wi-Fi channel. Many lights also come with switches that install easily over your existing ones.

Why Bridge Smart Light Bulbs In Concord To Your Home’s Security?

You will love being able to access your smart bulbs from anywhere. You may adjust and flip lights on or off from a convenient smartphone app. You don’t even need to use your hands, as you may manage lighting with straightforward vocal directives. But smart light bulbs in Concord provide even more when you incorporate them to your home security system. Here are some examples of the impressive functionality that’s available:

  • Create rules with other security devices. For example, if your outside video camera perceives suspicious movements, it can trigger your foyer lights to come on. Smart light bulbs are a valuable criminal deterrent.
  • Program your entry light to turn on whenever your main entry is unlocked.
  • Have hallway and bedroom lights illuminate whenever a safety component like a fire alarm or carbon monoxide detector is triggered.
  • Create lighting schedules and make it appear like you’re home when you’re not. Some smart home systems even have a designated “Away Lighting” setting that imitates the erratic light usage of an occupied home at nighttime. Schedules may also help reduce your electrical usage, saving you money over time.

Even if you neglect to program a schedule when you’re on vacation, you can still easily access and control smart light bulbs with your convenient smartphone app.

Order Smart Light Bulbs In Concord With Your Vivint Smart Home

Design automations, program schedules, and enjoy instant access to your smart components with a security system from Vivint. Our technicians can give you ideas on how to use smart light bulbs in your Concord home and get you familiar with the cell phone app. If you’re interested in adding safety and convenience to your life, contact Vivint today at (802) 909-3379 or fill out the straightforward form that follows.