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Your guide to smart lighting in Concord

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Can you imagine what Thomas Edison would do if he saw our latest Concord smart bulbs? Developing from his life-changing invention, we now have access to integrated home automation components that let you adjust your connected LED lights via your phone. But before you rush off and acquire the latest and greatest, expand your knowledge a bit, so you understand what’s you should get for your house.

Use the platform you know

Many systems are compatible with a range of platforms to control your smart lighting in Concord, but it makes sense to stay with a platform you're already most comfortable with . For example, if you own an Android cell phone, you might prefer a set up compatible with Google. You could also go with your Echo instead which allows you to utilize spoken instructions through your device. Of course, if you install a Vivint home security system, your app for controlling your smart lights will be available on the well-known platforms of Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Should you include a smart hub?

You might install a few smart light bulbs that connect easily with your home network, but then you forgo some safety and convenience advantages. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation is able to integrate into your home’s security if you want the best from your Concord smart lighting.

The better option is to include a central hub and pair your lights with a doorbell camera, entry-point sensors, or other security and automation components. By doing so your smart bulbs may be set up to turn on automatically if one of your home’s video cameras notices some questionable activity. You might also enjoy having your lights go down when your security alarms arm at bedtime.

Sleep soundly with your Concord smart lights

The ability to customize a unique schedule is a nice advantage of smart lighting in Concord. Virtually every LED smart bulb can be administered in multiple ways, giving you the versatility to illuminate or shut them down at the time of your choosing. You can also have them run on a timer, turn them on or off according to daybreak and sundown, or create numerous customized schedules to fit your lifestyle. By utilizing the Vivint security app, you can instruct your smart lights to do what you like and at the right time, including getting brighter or dimmer based on a fixed plan.

Smart lighting reduces energy consumption and cost

LED smart lights are much more energy-efficient than the light bulbs you used before and they don’t get hot when in use. You can save even more money on utilities with the help of location-based controls, motion sensing, the Vivint cell phone app, or incorporating with additional smart home elements. You will find that you’ve created a custom illumination plan in your very own residence to use and save energy like never before.

Take your home automation past smart lighting

One of the great benefits of the Vivint smart home design is its ability to protect your entire home, including a range of components like front door cameras, smart locking systems, inside and outside surveillance, integrated thermostats, garage door functionality, and many other features. If you have total command of your home security and automation, your home is more secure than ever before.

Explore Concord smart lighting from Vivint

If you’re thinking about replacing your ordinary light bulbs to adaptable smart lights, you must see what Vivint has to offer. Our smart home installations will make your residence safer and more energy efficient while adding convenience to your day-to-day life. Just call (802) 909-3379 and request your smart home today!